The Secrets of Guest Posting, How to be a Successful Guest Poster

Services, even online marketing services, are a team effort.

It’s a team effort and the quality of the output is dependent of everyone involved. Including the client!

Here are some tips you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your guest posting:

• before you start the guest post process

• after the guest post has been published

I also included a special section at the end, pointing out how the client can help with the guest posting efforts.

Before you start guest posting!

1. Scan and scavenge your client’s site

Identify linkable content on the client’s site, which you can use in your guest post, and secure permission to use it from the client. Whether it is an infographic or a custom image or just a testimonial, they can all help your link-building efforts.

2. Use Custom images

Stock photos are  great but custom images are even better. For $5 you can get custom images online and you would not believe how much they can help. (Man – where/how can they get custom images? And why are they so much better than stock?)

3. Forget evergreen content, be creative

Evergreen content is low-quality content. End of story.  (WHY?) Take the time to sit down and come up with timely (?), awesome, linkable content ideas. Involve your writers or even involve the client. (How should they come up with new ideas? Check trending issues within their industry)

Who else would know more about “cosmetic dentristry,” for example, than a cosmetic dentist? Online marketing services, like any other services, are a team effort. Use your client’s knowledge to write guest posts that go beyond just the basic information.

After the guest post is published

1. Promote via Social Media

The life of a guest post does not end once it is  published. Sites that accept guest posts love it when the author cares about the content. Find relevant communities and groups on social networks and share your guest post. This can greatly extend the life-time of the  post. This sends more traffic to the blog that published your post and the social media helps you get more linkjuice out of your links as well so it’s a win-win for everybody.

2. Commenting

Another aspect of actually caring about your guest posts is commenting. Get into the conversation that your guest posts starts, or start one yourself! Blog owners love itwhen they see that you actually care. You definitely want to respond to everyone who makes a comment, whether they agree or disagree with your post. This puts you miles above hit-and-run guest posters and makes you stand out as a dependable conscientious writer

3. Interlinking

It is a common practice to include relevant  links to authority sites within the guest posts to make linking to the client appear natural.

Include your own guest posts from other reputable sites as  links! It’s a smart way to further increase their linkjuice and if the blog owner checks it, he will see that you are an accomplished author who can be trusted.

How can the client help

The client in general can hep you the most if he lets you associate yourself with him and lets you work closely with him and his website.

1. Providing company email address

If you can guest post with a company email address, it will increase your effectiveness in certain industries ,especially tight-knit niches with few target options and/or very serious, professional niches.

2. Guest posting in the client’s name or using the persona of an industry expert

Try to refer to yourself as “blogger for xy company” or “on behalf of xy company” or “blogging for xy company, a well-know industry leader”. Such a tactic can tremendously increase your effectiveness of getting the  guest post published.

After all, high-quality guest posting is meant to showcase the expertise and insight of an industry leader, and the opinions of people at the peak of their professions. If you can represent these people and their opinions in leading publications you know you are doing guest posting right.

3. Setting up authorship for you on the blog

If your client can temporary set you up as one of his bloggers (complete with authorship and social media profiles), that can be very beneficial in certain niches, where opinion leader bloggers are authority figures.

Success = Invitations

If you do a number of these, you will likely be a successful professional guest poster, and after a certain time you will notice the strangest of all things.

You will get invitations from leading publications to guest post! You will no longer  have to “knock on every door” and beg for websites to publish your posts – instead you will be a coveted opinion leader, an authority figure among bloggers, a well known guest blogger.

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