SEX SELLS: Things you need to know about adult search engines

The online adult industry has become a hit in the recent years and is still expanding its reach, making billions of profit every year. Ever wonder why? It’s simple! Because sex sells!

“Sex is the #1 searched for topic on the Internet.” (Dr. Robert Weiss, Sexual Recovery Institute, Washington Times)

In previous eras, the adult industry was prevalent as a form of art. It was expressed through the use of sculptures, paintings, dance, music, and so forth. Today, ways in which adult content is viewed ranges from variety of things such as videos, pictures, magazines and everything in between; especially on the internet.


If adult related content causes so much traffic on the web, there might be a way to somehow make these websites and other searches organized. How can we make searching these kinds of contents easier? The answer? Use search engines!


Search engines are online services that allow the user to input a keyword which is then scanned across the Internet to find Web sites or other specific information. The search engine matches these keywords to categories and then generates a list of sites ranked in order of relevance that matched the search criteria. Search engines help internet users organize more than 2 billion pages of information on the web and make them more accessible.

Thousands of different search engines help people navigate the Internet. Among the most popular major commercial search engines are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo!
  • Yandex

There are even those we call “meta-searchers” that work by querying other search engines and then process the results, filtering out duplicate information providing more accurate results.

Most of the major search engines work through a process in which a program (spider or bot) is used. The spider “crawls” across the web gathering information about existing sites then captures this gathered information and organizes its results into categorizes, which are then used to generate search results for users.

“With every good thing, there is a bad side.” Of course, there are a lot of advantages that search engines offer us. However, no matter how great and helpful search engines are to us, it also has its cons and disadvantages.


  • Some search results are being polluted because other sites manipulate the search engine results making them  the first result for some keywords by using tricks. In effect, relevant and more appropriate links and search results are being pushed down in the list.
  • Some search engines base their results according to how much money the sites have paid them rather than sorting the results by relevance.
  • Most web pages are updated regularly, making the search engine revisit these sites from time to time.
  • There are sites that may be slow or difficult to index that may produce excessive results from a single site.
  • There is what we call an “invisible web” wherein a lot of generated sites are not possible to be indexed by search engines.
  • Today, the World Wide Web is growing much faster than any search engine can possibly index.
  • The queries a user makes are currently limited to searching for key words resulting in many false positives.

Despite all these issues, let us all admit that search engines help us. It’s just a matter of the user’s responsibility and the knowledge in using these search engines.


Have you ever gone online and clicked on an explicit ad banner without thinking? This is why the adult industry will never disappear because, it’s human nature. It is true that many sites are very secure these days but getting tricked into something that you’re not looking for can be common and may lead to computer viruses and a lot more problems. So Instead of using common search engines in looking for adult related content, we have what we call adult search engines.

Adult search engines are just like typical search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yandex, Ask or DuckDuckGo that we use daily for searching videos, pictures, current events, entertainment, and so forth. However, adult search engines can be more specific and refined in terms of adult related contents. Consider these facts:


The table below demonstrates the top 20 adult search term requests that internet users are most likely to search.

Top Adult Search Requests
Search TermSearch RequestsWeb Pages Containing Keyword (Millions)MaleFemale<1818-2425-3435-4950+ 
Adult Dating30,288,3251.4036%64%20%20%21%20%19% 
Adult DVD13,684,7181.8258%42%20%19%23%21%17% 
Sex Toys15,955,5662.6558%42%20%16%19%19%26% 
Teen Sex13,982,7292.1044%56%22%19%19%22%18% 
Free Sex13,484,7692.4244%56%22%19%19%22%18% 
Adult Sex13,362,9951.5836%64%19%21%21%20%19% 
Sex Ads13,230,1370.2850%50%20%20%19%20%21% 
Group Sex12,964,6512.0750%50%20%20%20%20%20% 
Free Porn12,964,6512.7497%3%22%14%10%35%19% 
Sex Chat11,861,0352.2150%50%20%20%20%20%20% 
Anal Sex9,960,0742.9567%33%19%19%16%28%19% 
Cyber Sex8,502,5241.2441%59%23%25%14%30%8% 
XXX Videos7,411,2201.4464%37%17%19%26%27%11% 
Teen Porn6,130,0651.9782%18%23%17%14%28%18% 

See how vast these adult related contents are on the web are? These facts and demographics only show that having adult search engines really would help a lot in organizing these contents and refining our searches, making it easier for us.

So if you’re trying to look for adult related contents online, skip those common search engines like Google and Bing. Yes, they help a lot but finding a great adult search engine will help you find better and more refined search results if you’re looking for adult related content materials.

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