Viagra SEO, Online marketing for Viagra manufacturers, E-commerce Stores and Affiliate Sites

Viagra SEO is definitely one of the most difficult niches. Just like with any of the other difficult niches a PPC is out of the question.
The biggest PPC advertising platforms (Google, Bing, Yahoo) just simply don’t allow viagra ads.

This is in itself not a problem because SEO and content based link building has a much higher return on investment initially than PPC.

This is because non-paid, organic  search traffic has the highest conversion rates among all of the traffic sources. After your company is on first page you should expand and start monetizing other sources of traffic as well but not sooner.

Viagra SEO

We have a few partners, some of them are online pharmacy affiliates -and yes some of them sell Viagra as their main product-.  Here is what we have learned working with Viagra manufacturers , e-commerce stores and building our own affiliate site.

Viagra is almost synonymous with spam, the difficulty of this niche is on the same level as adult websites. But that does not mean that spamming and engaging in questionable and sometimes downright nefarious link spamming activities is the way to got. For starters they don’t work, the most you get out of doing it is a Google penalty and it also ruins your brand image forever.

Proper Viagra online marketing

As with any other difficult niche it is very important to maximize the effectiveness of inbound links because it is really hard to acquire them.  Make no mistake an SEO technical audit and onpage optimization in itself without links will not make you rank first page.

/Of course if you already have a good number of quality links but really bad on-page optimization or your CMS is not up to the technical guidelines of Google, then on-page and a technical audit can do wonders./

Keyword research for Viagra websites

Every online marketing campaign starts with identifying the focus keywords with the highest potential for the business. This is based on the competition and the search volume and type of each keyword. You need to look for focus keywords with the potentially the highest conversion rate.

SEO technical audit of Viagra e-commerce store

The SEO technical audit is the shortest and easiest part of the online marketing campaign IF! your CMS, which you are using is constantly updated and up to Google’s technical standards and it is SEO friendly. If this is not the case or your website is a static website and you are not using any CMS you might need to make significant changes.

On-page optimization for Viagra sites

Based on the keyword research you can optimize all -or the very least-  the main pages of the website. With onpage optimization -since Penguin 2.0-  you can successfully optimize a webpage for at most 2 different focus keywords (but focusing on just one is better and more natural) and their long-tail variants.

With on-page optimization done correctly and recommendations of the technical audit implemented to full extent your website is ready to take full advantage of inbound links. If you already have a good number of links from quality websites (depending on your competition) this in itself and onpage optimization might be enough to rank much higher, even  first page for your focus keywords.

Link building in the Viagra niche

For any website in a difficult niche link building is the hardest part of the online marketing campaign.  Therefore there are some steps, which need to be made to ensure success:

  • have linkable content on the website
  • not just guest posting: use infographic link building, infographic blog link building, ebook link building and more, these will open up new link building opportunities
  • gateway blogs
  • use techniques to make the most out of the links built: social promotion, custom images included in guest contributions, interlinking guest posts etc…

In short a successful online marketing campaign for a Viagra website should start with:

  • keyword research
  • technical audit
  • onpage optimization

and then followed by:

  • link building

With a well put together online marketing campaign any Viagra blog, affiliate site or webshop can succeed. “Spamvertising” and dubious offers like “cheap PR5 directory links, article directories” etc … might sound good if you are not an online marketing professional but the most they will get you is a Google penalty.
There is a right way to do online marketing for Viagra companies, which works and it does not involve spamming.

Escort SEO, How to rank an Escort Site, Online Marketing for Escort Agencies

Escort SEO might sound exotic but it is just like doing online marketing for any other client in the adult industry or in a difficult niche.
Depending on your cultural background and the legality of paid sex in your jurisdiction your views on escorts might range from acceptance to disdain. This is exactly what makes link building for an escort site so difficult.

But let’s start at the beginning.

If I were to start a new escort site this is how I would rank an escort site and this is how I would get top rankings for my newly created website.

Escort SEO


I would start at a domain auction and hunt vehemently for a high pagerank, PR 3+ used domain with an acceptable, not-spammy link portfolio. The name should be neutral sounding if you hear it mentioned casually, but should be easily associable with a dating site (yes a dating site not an escort site). Something like:,, etc..

Finding a domain like this at a domain auction will probably take you weeks (if not months) and will set you back around a $ 100 to $ 1000.

If you find the right used domain, that will really help to get your site off the ground in the beginning.

Don’t use overly promotional exact match domains. They won’t help you as a matter of fact if you have any adult keywords in your domain name it will make link building really hard.

Content and design

You need really good content on the site coupled with a really nice design to set you apart from the competition. And obviously you need really hot escorts offering their services for affordable prices. This part will set you back significantly in terms of money and time.

Turning a website into a business and making it profitable takes time and it is really an investment in the beginning. Don’t expect quick returns.

Specialize or be a dating site

You either need to specialize in some fetish, category, niche and accept, that you will always be small and your potential audience limited.  Or be dating site as well as an escort site, offering genuine dating and match making services and separate profiles for escorts. I would definitely go with the second one. It makes marketing and link building much easier. Under no circumstances should you just be a general escort site unless you have millions of dollars to spend on advertising it.


Because link building is going to be really difficult and expensive (even with a neutral domain name) you need to prepare and maximize the links effectiveness. You need to get your pages optimized for your focus keywords as much as you can. You really should get an experienced online marketing professional to take a look at it. This will help you rank much more easily but you won’t get to the top for competitive keywords without a lot of link building.

Media buying

The first off-page online marketing activity you do should be media buying, buying and managing display ads on adult websites. Yes banners can work in the adult industry.

Link building

You need to spend some of the online marketing budget on link building. You can build links to an adult website, it can be done especially if you went with a neutral sounding domain name as I advised in the beginning.

If you have a neutral sounding domain name and have linkable content (linkable content in case of a dating site/escort site is: dating blog, infographic about dating, matchmaking, video testimony of love found online on the site etc… so just concentrate on the dating aspect) your job will be significantly easier.

After this you just simply need infographic link building and guest posting.

Gateway blog

If you have a neutral domain name and linkable content you will only need a few gateway blogs. Link building for a website in a difficult niche is very challenging, therefore you need to use various different link building methods in conjunction to get significant results.

A gateway blog is a thematic blog built on a used high PR domain with an acceptable link portfolio. After you bought the domain you strategically place links to your site creating very valuable links. You can build contextual links supported by internal links.

If you only buy and have a few of these you don’t really need to worry but if you have more than five gateway blog you need to make the necessary steps to avoid being seen as a blog network, which Google penalizes.

Apart from gateway blogs you can use the usual link building techniques.

So if I were to start a new escort site, this is how I would do it. Using these techniqu


Affiliate Program Guide for People trying to make it online

This blog post will answer three often repeated questions, when it comes to affiliate programs:

  • What are the best affiliate programs?
  • How to find the best affiliate programs?
  • Which affiliate programs pay the most? 

First of all, if you are looking for affiliate programs that pay well you probably already have a blog or you are thinking of getting one and thinking about monetizing it.

/*This guide will not contain any affiliate links and is not monetized in any way. My only intention is to help. And to provide information for people who have chosen the very-hard road to making a living online.

Welcome to the ranks of people making (or trying to make) a living online!
You are in for a tough ride. Tighten you seat belt and prepare for the journey of your life.

In this guide I make two assumptions about you: 

  • You don’t have tens of thousands of $ to invest in your website and hire a digital marketing agency(ies) to get your blog to the top for you
  • Your final goal is to make a living online from your websites and make that your full-time job

In order to understand how to find the best affiliate program we need to do some “mythbusting” first:

There is NO best affiliate program(s)! you need to stop looking for the best/highest paying affiliate programs.

Instead you have to look for the best affiliate program for you!

Why? It’s all about the money, the percentage they pay after each sale/subscriber and the best affiliate programs are the highest paying affiliate programs. – you might say

Allow me to explain:

The first most important thing when choosing the best affiliate program

If you are starting out and you intend to monetize your blogs you need to work your ass off. If you are starting out and you are blogging/working on your website while working full time: you have no idea what you are in for.

There is no healthy work-life balance for you in your first two years (usually it takes that long to start making some serious money with your blog, $ 500+ per month and you need multiple very popular blogs to be able to quit your full-time job).

You need to devote yourself entirely to your goal. ALL your free time, which is not spent working at the your workplace needs to be devoted to your blog (say goodbye to social life! or any other hobby). Or you won’t succeed.

And this is exactly why a simple percentage becomes irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Choose an affiliate program based on your interests, not percentages

And this is why it is important to choose affiliate programs not based on percentage but based on your interest.

You need to choose something that won’t make you throw up just by hearing or reading about it after two years of blogging – two years of blogging without making any significant money from blogging.

Instead of choosing an affiliate program based on percentages you need to ask yourself:

  • What are my interests?
  • What do I like to do or read about outside of my work/profession ?

/Choosing something not-work related is recommended. Imagine you are working 9 hours only to go home and blog about the same stuff 1-2 hours each day and all weekend.
You will burn out sooner, than you could say: “Fuck this!” :)/

You don’t have to be an expert of the niche in the beginning. Being interested in the niche is enough, in two years time you will be a self-taught expert.

You will explore, research and by the end of the second year you will become a self-taught expert of every facet of the niche you have chosen (of course, only if you take it seriously). And I guarantee you, that you will hate whatever niche(s) (remember you need multiple popular blogs, not just one if you intend to make a living from blogging) you have chosen.

After the first few months of the initial rush of motivation it will be really hard to create useful content, which is interesting and helps people.

And you can only succeed by providing: highly useful content, which is interesting and helps people. Now wonder as much as 90% of blogs get abandoned after a year.

The competition is extreme already, and is constantly growing in every niche. If you are thinking of making a living online and you only start in 2020 you are quite the late-comer.

In short: You need to choose something that you can blog about for two years+, research it and bring something new and fresh to the table.
Money follows success and the more interest you have in whatever you are blogging about your motivation will increase and you will be more often inspired (even after working 9 hours at the office and you are dead-tired).

Being inspired is paramount to create astounding content, which performs well. (kick-ass content is the only content worth producing, because the competition is already so high, filler content will get next to no visitors).

The second most important thing when choosing the best affiliate program

Life-time revenue share or subscription share affiliate programs >single-sale affiliate programs.

Single-sale affiliate programs: Pays after each successful sale coming from your blog

Life-time revenue share: Pays after each successful sale coming from your blog and each successive sale made by the same customer

For example:You blog about golf clubs and you have affiliate banners on your blog, which pay 50%  if someone buys a golf club at the store you advertise.

It might sound good on paper and 50% is indeed quite high. However making and maintaining a successful blog is hell of a lot of work, a lot of time.
And time is money.

With a single-sale, non-lifetime revenue share affiliate program your acquisition cost per sale can quickly become unsustainable and unprofitable and you will be less interested in return visitors to your site.

With a single-sale affiliate program:

If a new visitor arrives at your blog post and clicks on a text link or banner link on your blog, then that’s it. No matter how many times they are returning and clicking on ads of the golf club company they are not going to generate any more money for you.
/Of course there are cross-selling opportunities (i. e.: golf balls) . But there is a limit on how much ads you can put on your website before you start to look like a spammy, thin affiliate site./

If you only have single-sale affiliate links on your blog, then you can not make the assumption, that a growing number of visitors to your website will lead to an increased revenue!


  • the value of returning visitors is very low compared to new visitors
  • as the websites ages, the percentage of returning visitors compared to new visitors will increase

You will end up absolutely dependent on an influx of new visitors and you will end up disregarding your return visitors in favor of new visitors.

The biggest problem with this model  – if you are intending to make a living online from your website –  is that it is unsustainable. As your website gets bigger and bigger, the amount of time just for maintenance will grow and your expenses will grow as well.

Not to mention, what will you do if every potential buyer/customer have seen your blog already? (It can happen if you choose a very small niche) You will bring in un-targeted visitors with 0.0001% conversion rate?

The key to making a living online from your website is growth focusing on quality and by providing useful content and sustainability. This will inevitably leads to return visitors. So it is key to monetize return visitors.

With a life-time revenue share affiliate program: 

With a life-time share program you will be interested in growing the number of return visitors. The best way to do that is focusing on quality and by providing useful content, which you have to do anyway if you intend to be successful.

You will still have cross-selling opportunities. Therefore it is safe to say, that single-sale affiliate programs offer no advantage over life-time revenue share programs.

If you are planning to make a living online life-time revenue share affiliate programs are your best choice.
In time you can build up a big portfolio of customers, who will generate passive income for you (the holy-grail of affiliate marketing).

With single-sale affiliate programs you can never get passive income because you always have to work to bring in new visitors.


This is how you find the best affiliate program: 

  • find out what interests you
  • look for a life-time affiliate program in that niche

If there is no life-time revenue share affiliate program in the niches you are interested in (which I doubt, you can find life-time revenue share affiliate programs in almost every niche), then you won’t be able to make a living from your blogs and make that your full-time job.

niche you are interested in + life-time revenue share affiliate program= the best affiliate program for you

By choosing the right affiliate program you can monetize your blog(s) and become successful and the more successful you are the more you can make with you affiliate program.