Monkey business…

They say anything can happen. And they are so right. Even the most professional, skilled of us can sometimes be funny…in bed. In one of the best case scenarios, people can sometimes become very clumsy maybe because they find themselves in a very emotional situation. Regardless of how good a person can imitate a high class free porn actress or actor, regardless of how sophisticated and elegant one might want to appear, certain gestures can give him or her away. For example, one of the funnies examples for men is when they try to undo a bra and wind up actually exploring that little piece of material for a very long time.

We all know that the classic “dirty talk” is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs for most people. When shouting or whispering some dirty word to your partner it might also be a good idea to know a few things on the subject because, if not said correctly or with the right intonation, you partner might not really understand what it is you want or what you are talking about. Men usually make the mistake during their intimate relationship to tell women they have a big and soft posterior. This is definitely a mistake because after that silly remark they will spend hours convincing her that she is not at all fat…

In the heat of the moment many of us tend to forget where we really are and we try to reenact a scene where clothes fly through the ear, just like during a very hot striptease. However, sometimes it might not be as fun because certain pieces of clothes, especially underwear, tend to get caught up in different inappropriate places or simply fly out the window. It’s not really easy to explain to your neighbor how your bra ended up in his balcony.

Last but not least, the funniest thing of all. Believe or not, during love making, women are very exposed to dangers, accidents and most of all, wounds.  Because men tend to get so caught up in the moment, they might not even notice their partner’s head banging against the edge of the bed or against the nightstand. Sometimes in a very sophisticated and professional position, you could bang your heads together, spray an arm or a leg easily. And also, the furniture could also be regarded sometimes as 

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