Why Young Gays Fall for Mature Men

Whether straight women or hot gay boys, older men are usually the ones worthy to go after for a long sturdy relationship. What is it with these mature gay men that younger queer boys find very attractive? Is it their deep voice? Or their crowning glory sprinkled with salt and pepper? What about those neatly ironed polo’s? Or that crisp scent they wear? Regardless of these, most older gay men can offer more stuff and thoughts than their younger obverse. They have experience and have gone through life more which makes them more patient. There are certain things and needs that a youngster can never provide. These matured men are entitled with the wisdom they have accumulated over the years. Some younger gay people are just not as faithful in relationships and they need the help of someone older to get straightened (no pun here), we basically all would want something real, for a change. These daddies are protective and they know what they want, they have passed along the need of random hook up. They are more loving in a way that will make you feel sure and secured, and most of these gray haired hotties are not only after the physical connection but would prefer to know what is within you, your existence; and they want to make sure that you are genuinely happy which in turn will make them happy. They are even more willing to work things out when the relationship seems shaky. The “staying power” that they posses is one of the most admirable trait they have, and there is something sort of ‘dangerous’ about having a relationship with gray-haired men.

Mature gay men are well-read, very attentive, mannered, uncluttered, and defined. The stability and will they hold is enough to make a gay relationship unbreakable. They would chase you, forgive without any hang ups, would tell you what’s on their mind but won’t argue, and are very good listeners. Simple things like opening doors and pulling chairs for you are more than enough. Let’s not even start with how romantic they can be with intimacy. No pretentious mambo jumbo, no fancy intricacies, and most of all, no crappy excuses.

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