Women Aroused

Myth Busters: Female Vaginal Orgasm

Sex is a part of every couple’s lives. people say that sex can make your relationship stronger. This is the reason why men do everything just to make their partner be satisfied in bed. Men really make way just to make their girl reach what they call the orgasm.

What is an orgasm?

Women ArousedOrgasm is commonly known as in slang words lie ‘cum, and ‘climax’. It is the point when a women is really enjoying and feeling like she was in heaven for seconds or a minute. She feels like she is in the highest peek of her excitement. Men think that their lady is reaching her orgasm when she is very noisy and seems like enjoying what he is doing. Well, some women are just faking it. They tend to become noisy for the sake that men should also enjoy in bed; because not all women are reaching their orgasms every time they have sex.

There are myths about the woman’s orgasms. You decide if these are true or not.

Vaginal Orgasm Myths


  • All women love to have a G-Spot orgasm. This is the point where in women sometimes feel like they urgently need to pee where they actually do not. many people think that women likes this but actually not. There are maybe few who loves this feeling but most women do not for it sometimes cause them pain and sometimes make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Women need a skilled partner to achieve orgasm. This is a thing that unexperienced men actually worried about. Not to worry because it not true. If a women is not able to reach her orgasm, it’s not your fault, it’s her. It is normal for women not to reach their vaginal orgasm that is why God is so wise enough that he gave all women a clitoris for them to achieve clitoral orgasm.
  • Women need orgasm to enjoy sex. Another misconception among people. it is true that women can enjoy sex with orgasm but it’s not true that they cannot enjoy it without it. Sex is still good even there is orgasm or not.
  • Vaginal orgasm is better that clitoral. This definitely not true. Clitoral orgasm is better than the vaginal orgasm. Women love it whenever their partner touched their clitoris. It brings an unexplainable feeling. Since all men have clitoris and the chance of having a vaginal orgasm is low among them, tendency is that there is a huge possibility that the woman that you are about to marry does not experience vaginal orgasm.

There you have them- the vaginal orgasm myth. If you think you are not the right guy for your girl, then you should not worry. Those myths are not true and the good thing is that guys need not to prove something to their partner when it comes to this issue. Kissing, hugging and caressing are the best things that women really really like.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that you gain something from it. Feel free to comment!

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