50 Shades Sex Toys

Fifty Shades of Tantalizing Toys

Adam & EveIf you’re like every other living, breathing woman in the United States, you’re either reading or have already read Fifty Shades of Grey. You may have found Christian Grey utterly arousing or you may have found him completely obnoxious, but whatever your feelings may have been, it doesn’t stop the sex scenes from being dangerously delicious.

BDSM Fun For Everyone

If you’re new to the realm of BDSM and this book has sparked your interest–as it should have–then it’s time to put on your school girl outfit, pull up a chair and listen real close cause I’m going to tell you how to make your own little personal Red Room of Pain. However, you gotta supply your own Christian Grey.

Let’s start with restraints, shall we? The easiest way to establish dominance is to show your sub who’s in control and the easiest way to be in control of your sub is to make sure they can’t move. Depending on how far you want to go, you can get an under the bed restraint system, one you suspend from a door, or ones that even cuff you to yourself. My recommendation is unlike that of Christian Grey’s and instead of lunging into a massive wall restraint system, start by getting tied to your bedposts, it will be familiar yet new all at the same time.

Head Gear Sex ToysWhips and Leather

Next, you’re going to need leather, specifically a leather riding crop. This will whip you or your sub right into shape. However, if you’re still weary of the pain, avoid the crops with the metal rods inside–these will leave marks and a beautifully deep, stinging pain that’ll last for days. But maybe you’re up to it?

If you’re really trying to break into the scene, look into getting a ball gag, a collar and a leash. These items aren’t spoken of much in the book, but they’re guaranteed to put you or your sub into their rightful place.

Finally,  the Ben Wa Balls. Remember when Christian spanks Ana with Ben Wa Balls inside of her–this time for his pleasure and hers? Yeah, that was kind of awesome. BWB’s come in many forms, whether it be glass, metal or silicone, on a string or separated. You can even easily find a great selection of Adam & Eve Ben Wa Balls online. I personally suggest the ones attached to each other, it makes removing them a lot easier. The separated ones are good for when you’re interested in doing muscle strengthening exercises. Of course with the different materials, you’ll get different sensations and weights, I recommend the metal, but glass is also smooth, durable, heat retentive and lighter.

Now that I’ve given the basics, it’s time to put your education to the test. Go pick up a few essentials, kneel where instructed and don’t talk back.

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