Experiences with Dom Perignon and Marijuana

My Experience Rises to the Challenge

Dom Perignon, the name alone which makes most of us erupt in a delightful smile. It is definitely the world’s most popular Champagne produces nearly 30 million bottles a year. A lot of consumers are attracted to its easy, light, and refreshing style. I love champagne and I have many favorites, but no other products strikes and impress me more than this. I am sure that most of my friends surprised by my enthusiasm for this champagne but my assumptions are based on the truth. Dom Perignon has a quality  that remains extravagant which is systematically ranks among the top champagnes in the world.

Disco Bar

I was at High Society, Balibago, Angeles City with some of my  friends when I had my first experience with Dom Perignon. It was absolutely served with a beer bucket and lovely sparklers which is sparking with excitement. My only regret in life is that I did not drink more of it. It was a green color, cold with nice size bottles. The presentation was so great. Take it with cold and a chilled glass was so amazing. The wine has a clear gold color and the bubbles are very smooth. The nose is closed but with the action, it develops towards citrus notes, honey flavors, and yellow apples. What impressed me more is that the wine is perfectly balance. This is really the best sparkling feeling I had so far, really an excellent wine.

I consider myself lucky enough to party with these people and to be given a bottle of Dom Perignon that night. Now, I decided to save budget and prefer to serve this brand for special occasions. It is quite a strong color but it tastes heavenly fantastic. It has a sharp taste, tender and brittle sensation like no other.

Facts about Dom Perginom

It was launched in the year 1971 by Moet Et Chandon. It is a single vineyard wine which is made from grapes and 60% of chardonnay. So people who love and enjoy chardonnay will definitely be intimate with this wine. It is also blend with Pinot Noir approximately 50%, depending on the vintage.

You can only treasure the powerWorld’s Most Popular Champagne and greatness of Dom Perignon after it has been aged for a while. If you drink it while it’s young, you may not be able to get the essence of Dom Perignon. From the experiences of my friends, this champagne needs at least 10 years from its vintage to rich its maturity and it really needs 20 years to fully develop.

You can usually get a bottle for almost £80 in the shops, but in a clubs or restaurants, it is approximately cost £120. A recent price records started in the year 2004. The 3 bottles of Dom Perignon sold in the US for about $24, 675.  On April 2010, a new record was made for a sale in Britain based in the Daily Telegraph with more than £35,000 for Methuselah.

As much as I loved it, I would recommend everyone to break your savings bank and spend the money on it. This is perfect for special occasions than anything else.

Now let’s talk about Marijuana

About Marijuana

Long-term use of marijuana can lead to addiction which is termed as compulsive drug seeking regardless of the known harmful effects relating to the family, school, work and other activities. It is approximately 10% of users become addicted to this drug. Long term users are complaining some symptoms like sleeplessness, irritability, decreased appetite, anxiety and drug seeking. These adverse effects usually begin within 1 day following abstinence, peak for 2-3 days and lessen the effect within 1-2 weeks.

Is Marijuana Medicine?

A Medicine

According to the scientists, marijuana is a medicine which contains active ingredients with therapeutic management for relieving pain, stimulating appetite, controlling nausea and decreasing ocular pressure. Marijuana based medications are synthetic compounds which include the following below:



Sativex – Mouth spray to relief pain associated with cancer and spasticity.


My experience with Marijuana.

Marijuana At The Party Night

Shisha Pipe

It’s so weird when I was with my friends at the same party event held at High Society. It was a weekday night and I was not thinking of bunch of work related stuff to do the next day. I spent all night long with them partying very hard. They purchased a shisha along with the champagne and as the night goes by, these two of my colleagues put a single strand of marijuana at the bowl grommet of the shisha. Hilarious! I was freaking out that somebody might distinguish the smell because apparently in my country, taking marijuana is a crime. But in the end, I gave in and trusted my friends.

Out of curiosity, I took a puff of the smoke. I believe that it affects everyone differently. For me, it pretty tastes like a coffee flavor with grass. It tastes something like it smells. There are no symptoms or adverse affects that I felt, and certainly no addiction. However, after smoking marijuana, it feels like everything is fresh. All the things you touch, smell, see, and taste, feels like you are experiencing it for the first time.

It is definitely unique. So if ever someone wants to try it out of wonder, a tiny bit of it can never harm your health as long as you eat enough to get a taste, it won’t even get you high. However, if you abused the beauty of this drug, you’ll definitely get mental problems.

In my point of view, going through with this kind of experience is the most pleasant sensations a human can ever feel. It is like being a child trying to comprehend events with clarity; to search and look into the gates of pleasure, to completely enjoy whatever you are doing, and to smile so hard that the muscles in your jaw get tired. Exploring things is to laugh at the silliest things and to understand things that seemed nonsensical before. To be intoxicated with this drug makes life extremely good and simply; just flat-out feeling wonderful.


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