Celebs Who’ve Done Full Frontal Nudity

It would be very interesting to watch mainstream stars go naked just wearing their smile, isn’t it? We’re not talking about porn stars but reputable actors and actresses who have done full frontal nudity like, Oscar winners Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Christian Bale, Kate Winslet and Halle Berry. These famous celebrities have all stripped down to nothing for better exposure of their movies.

Nicole Kidmannicole-kidman

When it comes to getting all nude for her roles, Nicole Kidman is not shy in her endeavor. In her recent interview with W Magazine, the actress said, “I don’t mind being naked. Maybe as I get older, and now after having had a baby, it might be different, but I enjoy not letting my issues get in the way of a performance. Once I start putting all my little insecurities in my mind, I’m not actually acting. Then it’s about me –and it should never be about me. It should be about the character.”

HBO’s Hemingway & Gellhorn is the latest film of Kidman where she and Clive Owen had intimate scenes. The film is all about their relationship and five-year marriage where viewers can expect many steamy love scenes.

“The sex was very important in that relationship because that’s the way she cuts Hemingway off,” Kidman said.”I kept asking Phil Kaufman, the director, ‘Is all this sex important for the story?’ I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just getting off,” Kidman added. “But these were two people who could make love when a building was falling down around them. They had passion.”

Nicole Kidman’s Films with Sex Scenes

  1. Eyes Wide Shut
  2. Dead Calm
  3. Malice
  4. Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
  5. Birth

Angelina Joliesexy-angelina-jolie

This woman is one of the sexiest actresses in the show business. She has starred in many great movies including action films. Her signature lips, long curves and hot legs can make a man fancy her. Sex scenes of this amazing woman are sure to get every man’s blood flowing particularly below the belt.

Angelina Jolie’s Films with Sex Scenes

  1. Gia
  2. Foxfire
  3. Original Sin
  4. Pushing Tin
  5. Mojave Moon
  6. The Good Shepherd
  7. Taking Lives

Christian Bale

christian-baleHis greatest rival is Leonardo DiCaprio. This bad-ass is considered to be one of the best actors in the world. Urban Dictionary describes Bale as the best actor ever and even declared that if the world was fair, Bale would have been nominated ten times for an Oscar. With no doubt, Christian Bale is a very attractive and talented celebrity.

Christian Bale’s Film with Sex Scenes

American Psycho

His line “Sabrina, don’t just stare at it–eat it,” is just one of the quotable lines in his role in American Psycho. He played Patrick Bateman, a serial killer with an antisocial personality disorder. In the movie he had a threesome with a street girl and an escort. After the sex, he chased the girls naked and kills one of them.


Halle Berry

This gorgeous lady started out on beauty pageant circuit before her naked appearance in the movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge put her into the limelight. Berry was paid $500,000 to expose her sexy breasts. She won the Best Actress Academy Award for her incredible graphic sex scene in the film Monster’s Ball.

Halle Berry’s Film with Sex Scenes

  1. Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
  2. Swordfish
  3. Monster’s Ball


Kate Winslet

You can see Kate Winslet nude in a lot of her movies. It was just recently that her film Titanic was released in 3D and she said she was nervous about her naked scene being shown on the big screen again.

“I’m not going to look, I’ll be in the bar by that point. Or on the floor,” said the actress when asked about the sexy scene.

”I think I look nicer now. I prefer myself as a 36-year-old. It’s really weird ’cause when you’re 21 you think, ‘Oh God, when I’m 36, oh God, that’s nearly 40 and I’ll look really old and wrinkly by then.’ And actually I quite like the way I look. I feel OK about myself these days,” she added.

Kate Winslet’s Film with Naked Sceneskate_winslet

  1. Heavenly Creatures
  2. Jude
  3. Titanic
  4. Hideous Kinky
  5. Holy Smoke
  6. Quills
  7. Iris
  8. Little Children
  9. The Reader

These are just some of the celebrities that had revealed more than just their emotions and acting skills in their films. It was just this week that Shia LaBeouf regaled his fans when he shows full frontal nudity in Sigur Ros’ new music video Fjogur Piano.

Even Carey Mulligna and Evan Rachel Wood, who were both Academy Award nominees, have bared it all.

Do you know any other famous celebrities who have been brave to expose their naked bodies?


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